Posted by: adamdeb | January 10, 2008

Lost Goodies

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Lost Goodies, originally uploaded by Adam Debreczeni.

Posted by: adamdeb | January 7, 2008

Wolf Parade gone AE

Whoa, Wolf Parade at American Eagle?

Wolf Parade gone AE, originally uploaded by Adam Debreczeni.


Posted by: adamdeb | January 5, 2008


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Posted by: adamdeb | October 2, 2007

The Limitations of the World

All the considered geniuses most likely don’t come from a third-world country. If you trust wikipedia, almost one-sixth of the world is considered “third-world”. How do we know there is not a couple of geniuses lurking around in that region whose minds are waiting to be unleashed? This also brings up the classic argument whether I.Q. is achieved, or born with. Let’s say I.Q. points are born with, what would the scores of the third-world population be? If it’s achieved would their scores be much lower than ours? Also, what if one of the humans in a third-world region would’ve invented a revolutionary idea, or discovered something unparalleled if only they were born in a suitable environment with an advanced education? It disappoints me that we spending our resources trying to find the missing WMDs, and trying to score oil at a good price, while nearly one-sixth of the world is being deprived of their capability. While the senate is rambling on about why gay marriage is sinister, they don’t even consider establishing at least a rudimentary education system in third-world countries. I’ll end this rambling post with one thought, what if Hawking, or Einstein was born in Somalia? 

Posted by: adamdeb | July 24, 2007

Gave into the crazy trend of blogging

So here I am, I gave into the crazy trend of blogging. Why is the world so fanatical about the need to know every thought a person is having? Seems like the real life Truman Show.